Heartbeat ❤️

She had some trouble finding the heartbeat since he moves the whole time.  Yes THE WHOLE TIME  This one is never still  Apparantly I’m growing too fast… well I know. IM HUGE !!!  Belly is 28 weeks pregnant but I’m only at 25 weeks. But that adds up with the measures the did on the […]

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Safety or isolation ? 

Watching Dr Phil today and Robin McGraw was showing the nice work they did for a safe house for women fleeing domestic violence. Got me thinking ..  I’m absolutely for safe houses. They serve a purpose and are the salvation for many women and children.  But… there’s always a but isn’t there ?  The total […]

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A very unexpected earthquake occurred around our house yesterday. I was just getting up on a chair to put a solar lamp up and it hit !!  The chair tipped over and I was flying to the ground ….  it took forever to land !!  I had time to think – oh I’m falling. – […]

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What makes me sick and tired 

Is people !!  People in genral but some in particular.. People who tells me I haven’t thought this though. I have issues with midget number three and now I’m getting another child ??  What am I thinking ????? Yes I am. No correction WE are.  We are two people who decided to go though hell […]

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Woke up this morning 

And couldn’t open my eyes.  I looked like a … I don’t even have words for it.  My face was completely round and eyes like little shards trying to see the light.  My first thought – allergic reaction.. but to what ???  Work ?? ( since I was working )  Googled – google is always […]

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Early signs of abuse 

Share them !!  Talk about them !!  And  then what ?  What do you do if you see the signs in a relationship close to you ?  TALK !! Ask questions. Let the woman know you know !! She might be in denial … correction she WILL be in denial. Don’t let that stop you. […]

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What we need to do 

To stop domestic abuse and abuse of all women…  we need to educate the young ones. Protecting them from the truth is not helping. It might feel wrong to talk to kids about it but it’s the right thing to do.  We warn them about strangers don’t we. For protection.  To make them understand the […]

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