Sitting here on the bed with a sleeping baby next to me. Rain is hammering the windows and makes a calming sound. It’s chilly so I had to close the window. Autumn in coming and I love it. Embrace the high cold air. The sparkling colours. The smells. I love autumn. Definitely my favourite season. […]

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To my friend

Hey. It’s been a while. It’s been four years one month and some days. I miss you. I still miss you everyday. I have stopped taking my phone out to call you so that has improved. I still feel the need to call you but I realise faster now that I can’t. I still have […]

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Dangerous thoughts

Midget 2 comes crying Me – what happened ?? Expecting broken bones and blood Midget 2 – midget 3 was thinking about hitting me … me- ……….. this happened a few years back. But might aswell happened yesterday

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The struggle is real ..

Since the baby was born I’ve been repeating Daddy daddy daddy so that will be his first word. And he has refused to talk. Nurse told me it’s because his bilingual, which is wrong. There’s no proof of bilingual kids being late in speaking. If they are late they would be even with one language. […]

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I believe in democracy

Or I want to believe in it. Unfortunately democracy is a win for the ignorant people. Democracy killed off 6 million people in Ww2. Don’t for one second think Hitler walked in as took power with force. No he was elected. The German people made a decision to make him their leader. They made the […]

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I’m getting the tshirt

Saying ” I am his MOTHER ” In a store today I was approached by a lady ( about ten years older than me ) She smiled at the baby and said – I also have a grandkid that age. They are exhausting. But we can always sleep when they go home … Can we […]

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