I officially quit !!

As a mother parent, cook , cleaner , driver , caretaker. All of it 

Whatever I do is wrong for one. Right for the other and a disaster for the third. 

How ever I twist and turn I forget something. Leave something behind or just disappoint them I general. 

So.. I hereby resign as your mother. 

Have fun sorting everything out for yourselves !! And if you need me.. don’t bother. I’ll be very busy being lazy and think of myself. And myself only. 

Pssst btw. 

I asked you to lock the door this morning. And all your things is now stolen bc this is what I found when I came home 

I’m so sorry America 

But we have seen it before. 

One angry little man screaming out his opinion. 

One angry little man judging  people out of their believes, race , sex and sexual alignment. We have seen it and it was bad. I can’t see that we actually learned from that mistake since we seem to be heading that way again. But you took this a step too far. 

When that little angry man gets in an alliance with another angry little man. It affects the world. Especially since both of those angry little men now are ruling two big contries. 

It’s scary. 

Especially when we seem to be in the middle. I’m sorry America. My heart bleeds for you and for us. 

Lets us the common people spread love and show those angry little men that their hatred isn’t ours. Let them see that whatever they do we love. 

And btw Mr Putin and Mr Trump… 

Sweden is filled with polar bears on the streets and we have winter 9 months a year. Your not interested in us anyways …. 

About wedding pictures 

Found these online … 

and …. 

yes I’m very judgemental 

But really 😳😳😳

What were they thinking ??? 

Sometimes less is more when it comes to cleavage. 

They look so happy… happy ever after just made sense to me 

If you I’m interested a gigant to your wedding make sure she sits down 

I’m guessing she gained some boob weight after the last fitting 

Smoking hot. 

No wedding is complete without an accordion 

I just have no words here 

Not easy to stay awake. 

They kind of make sense. Or.. perhaps not. 

War between hair and straightening iron 

I’ve been told to take it slow. 

Small patches and slowly. 

Pffffffft perhaps they were talking about normal hair and not the untrained wild bush of hair that has rooted my head. 

It was even in the beginning one patch of hair straightening out perfect the one next to it going rouge and pointing in all directions. 

On to the wild one the first one started to pop strands of hair in all directions. 

Done with the second I had to start over on the first going all crazy on me. 

Moving around the head the first part stayed calm fro about five minutes before ok strand by strand poofing out and create a wild mess of patches of hair. Straight and smooth messing with the wild and fuzzy. 

After three or four goes around the head all the strands of hair is tamed and is laying flat down….. For now…

I give it about an hour before there’s a revolt and the revolution is a fact. 

Weekly fluff 

Is Prim and her super fat kitten Skalman

I’ve never seen a kitten as fat as him !! If he lands on his back he’s unable to turn back again… That’s how fat he is. 

He’s got the name Skalman from a Swedish comic book character. A turtle who has a sleep and eat watch when it rings he obeys wherever he is or what he does. Just like this little fatty… 

Eat and sleep is his favourite things in the world. 

Only the strongest dares to ask for help 

So after about six months of thinking back and forward I made the decision to ask for help. 

Well the decision was forced by the week of hell with midget three really 

After coming home from being with his dad for two weeks… A stupid idea to start with but that’s not up for discussions now. He was a monster. 

Yes a true monster. 

Picked a fight in every word he said. Talked back. Cursing name calling breaking stuff monster. 

And after one full day of fights when I felt  like I couldn’t ha doe one more second  I made the call. 

I wanted to report myself for being a bad mother since I felt I was. I had started screaming back  and that’s … So wrong in so many ways. 

The woman I spoke to refuses to take my complaint t on myself. She instead suggested a support family or support person 

A support family would. It be a good thing for him. With all his fears and anxiety. So I applied for a support person. So one who will come and take him out. Away from us. So I can put some effort into the girls. At the moment that’s impossible. He takes all and then some of my time. 

It will take a while before something happens. But atleast I did it. 

The anxeitey has reaches levels at the moment that’s crazy. Right now he can’t sleep because he might die in his sleep. Or get cancer sleeping. Or Ebola….. 

In September the anxiety class starts and I know it will be tough but I so hope it helps so he can start living again and not be scared of just about everything. 

And so I can start living again…. 

Like a Hogwarts staircase 

Those words really got to me the other day. We were discussing with family how midget number three worked or more not worked. And that it was impossible to predict what would happen and why things happened. A thing that worked perfectly last week is impossible today. And a goal that was never to be reaches yesterday is a nothing today. 

That makes our lives hard.. And so very interesting. 

So her worlds were 

” he’s just like a puzzle .. No wait a Hogwarts puzzle. – She laughs – no I know he’s like a Hogwarts staircase. You never know where it is and where you’ll end up”

And that is truer than true 

Live is hard and unpredictable with our boy. But we can make it easier with planning planning planning. Sometimes even that doesn’t work so we need to adjust life around. He’s not very adjustable but that’s ok. 

I wouldn’t plant a flower that’s supposed to be in the shade in gazing sunlight now would I ? 

So who not adjust the surroundings for a child. They should be more important than a flower. Or at least in my world they are. 

As a parent you need to see to they child’s needs first. Always. That’s your job !! You know that when you have children. Your not supposed to go under because of the child. It’s a scale…  Add some here and remove some there to even things out. 

Having a child with difficulties makes that scale harder to balance. But it is possible !!!  

It’s sad when one parent don’t get that and let’s their own interests always go before the child’s. ALWAYS. 

And so much harder for the other parent to pick up the pieces of the shattered mind when the child comes back. Or on the phone while away. 

But…. Our loved Hogwarts staircase is worth it. And we will pick up the pieces until the day he’s had enough of changes plans and broken promises. Then we will care for him full time. And life will be so much calmer.