18 months

What happened here ??? Baby turned 18 months on Saturday and to celebrate he moved in to his new room and started sleeping in a big boy bed. 😱 He loves it. Mamma is nervous. He will fall out and break his neck !!!! Well so far when he wakes up he sits and waits […]

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The year when I sent my 4 month old son to the other side of the world with his dad 🙂 two weeks of missing them gave them and the family an amazing memory for life. It was worth every second I missed them. We had an amazing summer and we spent most of our […]

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Bilingualism- our way

Since we speak two languages in our house it’s natural for the baby to have two languages. But how to do this ? We weren’t super prepared or read that much before he was born. Had the thoughts of doing it but never really got to it. So when he was born we used what […]

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Sitting here on the bed with a sleeping baby next to me. Rain is hammering the windows and makes a calming sound. It’s chilly so I had to close the window. Autumn in coming and I love it. Embrace the high cold air. The sparkling colours. The smells. I love autumn. Definitely my favourite season. […]

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To my friend

Hey. It’s been a while. It’s been four years one month and some days. I miss you. I still miss you everyday. I have stopped taking my phone out to call you so that has improved. I still feel the need to call you but I realise faster now that I can’t. I still have […]

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Dangerous thoughts

Midget 2 comes crying Me – what happened ?? Expecting broken bones and blood Midget 2 – midget 3 was thinking about hitting me … me- ……….. this happened a few years back. But might aswell happened yesterday

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